Our Manifesto

  • We believe that the majority of the music press has become smug, superior, cynical, negative, bitchy and massively desperate to be cool. This has led them to see themselves as god-like figures with authority over the real consumers of music. The only people that have the right to make or break a new artist or band are the record buying and gig going public.
  • Much of the mainstream media has now lost touch with the everyday music fan. They treat music as a commercial product, when it should be treated with care and passion.
  • At Silent Radio each individual writer is exactly that, an individual, all with their own unique tastes and views on music. Many publications/websites will ‘tell’ you who is good and who is not. This is wrong, and we are here to inform, and hopefully in the process help you find new music.
  • People that write about music should not just like music, they should love it.
  • We believe that every music fan using this site is as much a part of the music industry as the record labels and the artists themselves.
  • We want to make sure that the smaller venues and the acts that play in them are given the coverage and recognition they deserve. At some point in their career, all bands and artists rely heavily on these places to learn their craft.
  • We believe that music matters – new music, passionate music, shocking music, fresh music, independent music, daft music, angry music, music that’s so moving you have to stop what you’re doing and listen to it.


If you agree with where we are coming from and would like share your love of music with others, then head over to our Get Involved page for more info.

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