Following the release of Southampton based 4-piece Regent’s latest single ‘Dirty Little Sinner’, Sophie Nebesniak briefly spoke to the band to find out a little bit about them.


What is your music like? If someone were to listen to you, without knowing anything about you, what would they hear?
Our music is like a blend between the 60’s and the 90’s

Who are your inspirations?
If someone was to listen to us without knowing anything about us, they would hear The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Blur ,Oasis, The Verve all spinning around in a giant mixer….

How ‘big’ are you expecting to be? You’ve already got a local fanbase, what’s next?
We’d like to be the next big British band. I believe we have the songs and a strong debut album to back it up. We’re pushing things harder than ever and are going on tour next year to support and promote our debut album, but we can’t announce who with or where yet as we’ll get in trouble.

How do the four of you get along? Who is the messiest on tour? Does everyone agree on everything?
We all get along, but we banter each other a lot. We’re four complete different characters, Chris is Chilled out, Luke never stops talking, I just love it all, and George likes to bang things. We all bring different flavours but compromise well.

Describe your new single, ‘Dirty Little Sinner’

You guys are from Southampton. Are there any good bars or venues there?
There’s some great venues here in Southampton. The Joiners has been voted best small venue a couple of times. The Southampton Guildhall brings the bigger acts, and Saint Mary’s stadium brings the rock and roll stars.

Pizza or pasta?

Astronauts or cowboys?
Cowboys with big guns

Smoothies or milkshakes?

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