Chupa Cabra

While standing outside of Solomans in Withington on a fairly unremarkable evening within the 10th month of the Gregorian Calendar (4th day to be precise), I suddenly found myself cast into a situation resembling that of an interview with the West Britain-orientated 3-piece known typically as ‘Chupa Cabra’. Unprepared, devoid of notes and slowly succumbing to the effects of alcohol, the transcription spawned this…

‘Angus’: Hello, I’m Angus Rolland... Nathan, why are you in Chupa Cabra?

Nathan: I don’t know, Hayden why am I in Chupa Cabra?

‘Hayden’: Because you play the rhythm, man…

Nathan: Angus, have you got any questions for us?

‘Angus’: Why are you in Chupa Cabra?

Nathan: I love Mexican things, I love tacos, and I love you, Angus.

Angus: (Improvisation starts… now) If Chupa Cabra were to have a hiatus, what would your hypothetical solo albums each sound like?

Nathan: What an excellent question!

Tayt: I think I’d go down the Pub Rock route, I’d definitely become a Stereophonics cover band, that’s the way to go… it’s where the money is.

Nathan: I think it would be something like Bossa nova, ya know; Girl From Impanema meets Suicide meets (momentary pause) Stereophonics… but I also love Genesis, in fact… Hayden what do you think?

‘Hayden’: I like Turkish Disco, it’s really good. It’s a genre most haven’t heard before… Honestly, you don’t even have to ask, you already know the answer!

Angus: You’ve obviously toured quite extensively over the British Isles and Europe, possibly elsewhere… what was your favourite city to play in?

Chupa Cabra

Nathan: My favourite city was Nonce, I met a girl called Klara, I loved her dearly. If you are listening Klara, look me up, I miss you. I just want to see you again!

Tayt: My favourite city… I loved it when we played Twickenham, it was my favourite. I love the cricket from there, the whole heritage thing… what a great, great town to play… loads of lovely pints as well.

‘Hayden’: Err… Mosh Pit…?

Nathan and Tayt: (Agreeable tone) Mosh Pit…

Angus: Fair enough, how would you perceive the Manchester scene? As outsiders do you feel welcomed or excluded… does being here help in anyway?

Nathan: I don’t want to speak for the band but it’s full of soft twats… and people that sound like James.

‘Tayt’: Yes I agree, I’m also a wanker.

‘Hayden’: I concur

‘Tayt’: I’ve never actually been to Manchester.


Nathan and Tayt: Sorry that was Rachel, the Fourth Beatle.

Angus: Are there any local bands that you admire? That you wish to play with or think would do well?

Tayt: Coldplay…

Nathan: I love Coldplay, I like that band Egg… they were an egg, its good…

‘Hayden’: I’d prefer it if it were scrambled or hardboiled, swings and roundabouts…

Nathan: Why is that?

‘Hayden’: Ya know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Nathan: Namaste…

Chupa Cabra

Angus: Last question, in your mind… (Notice the thematic repetition in questioning on my part) how do you think the Manchester scene will evolve?

Nathan: Straight to Hayden for this…

‘Hayden’: What?

Nathan: Sorry, he asked on a scale of 1 to 10, how good is your hat, you little pop star?

‘Hayden’: I would call it… its well beyond Phil Collins, more towards… let me think…

Tayt: It’s gotta be Genesis?

‘Hayden’: Yeah, more Genesis…

Nathan: Rachel what do you think?

‘Rachel’: Errr, yeah…

Nathan: Angus, any final words?  

Angus: Hmm… Cottage cheese…

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