Hide and Psych artwork by Victoria Sieczka

Hide and Psych artwork by Victoria Sieczka

Blak Hand Records are participating in their third Cassette Store Day with a brand new sizzlin’ release called Hide and Psych. Limited to 50 fire engine red tapes and featuring 13 tracks, the album gives some of the brightest and newest Blak Hand bands a chance to shine with their own hand picked covers of Sheryl Crow and 50 Cent to The Black Angels and The Castaways,.

Hide and Psych introduces BHR fans from far and wide to brand spankin’ new Manchester band Calvadore, a supergroup made up of members from Turf and household favourites Antelopes, as well as a sneak peek of what’s to come from London shoegaze newcomers Purs (featuring Serra Petale and Matthias Batt of Heavenly Records’ Kid Wave fame). The ever impressive Andy Pringle recorded his version of The Black Angels ‘Young Men Dead’ and from what we have heard already, it’s an absolute belter.

Plus, Daniel West of Beach Skulls’ new project Danye recorded their dreamy version of Pale Spectre by The Wake (below), featuring vocal support from local singer Luna, while Two Skies’ drummer Oliver Harrap gets jazzy in his new band Katie Pham & The Moonbathers. Turf, Calvadore and Antelopes have recorded a few special bonus original tracks for our audible delight.

1. Beach Skulls – Rumble [Live] (Link Wray)
2. The Electric Lazarus – Young Men Dead (The Black Angels)
3. Chupa Cabra – You Know I’m No Good (Amy Winehouse)
4. Purs – Here Comes Everybody (Autolux)
5. Katie Pham and the Moonbathers – Mulder and Scully (Catatonia)
6. Calvadore – Ballroom Blitz (The Sweet)
7. The Cheap Thrills – Hate It Or Love It (50 Cent)

8. Antelopes – Liar Liar (The Castaways)
9. Danye – Pale Spectre ft. Luna (The Wake)
10. Turf – If It Makes You Happy (Sheryl Crow)
11. Calvadore – I Don’t Mind [Bonus Track]
12.  Antelopes – Get Up Off The Ground [Bonus Track]
13. Turf – Mutton Dressed As Lamb [Bonus Track]

You can order the cassette here

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