I was slightly pessimistic about the prospect of Depeche Mode’s new tune. Recently there has been a mass of long-running bands releasing disappointing new music. Bands such as Muse, The Cure, and Bruce Springsteen to name a few, and I thought Fragile Tension would fall straight into this category…but it doesn’t!

They have created something enchanting with this new tune. They pull off electro pop, where a lot of other bands fail. The chorus “there’s something magical in the air” is catchy and uplifting, and gives a nod to their previous remix work.

Depeche Mode always took a backseat to my love for The Cure, but after this great new single I’m going to go back and re-listen to my old DM albums. Fragile Tension is a song that grasps the perfect amount of 80’s disco pop and dark electro grunge that is needed to make a great revival track and an even greater comeback.

By Ursula Cooper