Turbonegro must (never) be destroyed!

The Turbojunged are out in force this evening in Manchester. The classic Denim jacket emblazoned with the leather cap and the area of fan base below. On the stairs up to Academy three there are Jungeds from Aberdeen, Stoke, Lisbon, Oslo, Lemmington, Madrid and of course Bolton.

The main (and only) support comes from Daniel P Carter. An odd choice as a support act as he basically just played some CDs of his choice and drunk whiskey which didn’t really do anything for the crowd except for the two dancing men at the front. Very strange….. but that is a Turbonegro concert after all.

And so to the Deathpunks. After a blast of “footballs coming home” Euro boy and Happy Tom stride majestically onstage and then the main event, the new(ish) singer, The Duke of Nothing, Tony Sylvester. For those in the know the Duke is a stout gentleman with a massive stage presence and a huge tiger tattoo on his gut, add to that a leather cap, eye makeup and lipstick and you get a fearful sight but boy can he sing and perform.

Although at times Turbonegro want to do beautiful, sexual things to the audience their brand of deathpunk glam shines through with raw emotion. New songs “I Got A Knife” and “The Nihilistic Army” sit perfectly alongside staple crowd pleasers “Wasted Again” and “Are you ready for some darkness”.

The vast majority of the set comes from new LP Sexual Harassment and young Mr Carter certainly got some of that as the brunt for the recent BBC cases, he was target number one for Happy Tom! Turbonegro have continued to deliver across festivals, bigger venues in Europe and sweaty clubs but one thing remains true they put on a show, entertain and with The Duke at the helm are steering Death punk to a new horizon. As the show progresses as does the enjoyment from all around, it was quite exciting to see how Turbonegro grab an audiences attention and take them for a musical ride with audience members static at first then as the show develops they begin to move and shake (Shake your Shit machine) until they are “Wasted Again” and by the end of the first set they “Get It On”!!

By the time I got Erection fires the crowd into hysteria the room is sweating, shaking and Turbonegro have the entire of Manchester Academy 3 singing alongside them. Long may they continue!

Im a teacher by day and a music lover all the time. I have promoted over 500 shows as Interkonnect including Get Up Kids, Big Business, Hella, Jim Bob, Clorox Girls, New Amsterdams, Juffage, Vessels etc etc etc. Im the oldest emo in Bolton and love Dischord, Vagrant, Jade Tree, Deep Elm, In The Red, Touch and Go, Southern Lord type labels. High Fidelity top five - Jawbreaker, Get Up Kids, Man From Delmonte, Ween and Descendents ( thats this week!!! ) - Hope you enjoy Silent Radio and what i have to say, love ya'll Ivan