King Midas Sound makes a welcome return to Hyperdub since ‘Waiting For You’ landed in November last year, making a large dub shaped dent in our world. With the album still ringing in our ears and the live show burning into our minds (if you were lucky enough to catch it), this stands as the second single off the album and without a doubt, these are some of the best sounds to bless my ears in a long while.

‘Lost’ was one of the finer strokes of beauty on the album, showcasing singer Roger Robinson’s depth and precision as a vocalist, and intelligence and articulation as a lyricist. Telling the sorrowful tale of a finished relationship, playing through the after thoughts of the joy and sorrow shared and the pain of it crumbling apart, his voice gently spins around the melody, sinking beautifully into the track. Since discovering King Midas Sound, Mr Robinson rates very highly in my book as one of the best vocalists around (his spoken word poetry is definitely worth your time, if that’s your thing.)

A performer of such power can only be supported musically by someone of equal value. Luckily The Bug more than meets the mark. It has to be said that the level of production is off the chart with the man behind the controls, Kevin Martin (aka The Bug) out doing all past endeavours – think The Bug’s polished shine, the RZA’s rolling framework and Lotus’s fx and atmosphere.

The video cleverly conveys the story behind the track, using simple and familiar shots to tell the intriguing tale. Hats off to the producer of the piece, a quality job has been done. Make sure you check out the link below.

The flip cranks up the lower end with bass frequencies pushing into the crimson. Spaced out reggae vocals toast the sub low bounce courtesy of an MC by the name of Pupajim, with his French accent adding a smoothing and sunken sound to his style. It showcases a different side to The Bug’s skills and merit as a producer.

Embarrassingly this was my first venture into the band’s online presence, with a generously packed myspace page full of videos, live show clips, discography and info on the trio. It’s your first stop into the journey that is King Midas Sound. The tracks come in the form of Hyperdub’s first seven inch record from the 27th September, and is no doub, going to be in big demand.

Release Date 27/09/2010 (Hyperdub)

Work in literally, am a work in progress....