Hey!!! Have a listen to Patterns new track ‘This Haze’ and then you will have an idea about their debut album ‘Waking Lines’ which will be released on 6th Jan 2014 on Melodic Records.


Patterns are a young Manchester band on the verge of releasing their first record “Waking Lines” on Melodic records. ‘This Haze’ is a template to what the band are all about: a lush sound of inter-weaving field recordings, 60’s harmonies wrapped up in a cloud of dense drone- pop.  The sound of early morning hallucinations, interstellar sonic plains; that weird space between deep-sleep and reality where nothing is as it seems.

We never really had Patterns down as masters of Acoustics and Oneirology. Bedroom dreamers maybe, a Mancunian guitar band of course, but with Waking Lines – the eagerly anticipated debut album – this is a band marking themselves out as true scientists of songcraft. With its array of field recordings, samples, original compositions and an epic haze of spellbinding loops, sonic sparks are set to fly from this thoroughly modern shoegaze-pop record.

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