A unique musical collaboration between artist David Shrigley and songwriter Malcolm Middleton will be released on December 15th via Melodic Records.

The duo have blended their work to create Music and Words, a 12 track LP featuring the vocals of comic actor Gavin Mitchell, the transatlantic tones of Californian Scott Vermeire, actor Bridget McCann and Shrigley himself.

“I loved all the music Malcolm made,” said Shrigley. “We have similar sensibilities; we’re both into darkness, pathos, despair; existential things. It was just what I wanted, even though I didn’t really know what I wanted.”

Story Time is the first track to be unveiled from the album.

Describing the song, Middleton said: “It’s the song that started it all. Funny, disturbing, and then a bit more disturbing. It’s a beautiful song, not just a cheap shock.”

To launch the record, Malcolm Middleton will host Twice! Two Nights At Tuts this December, two gigs at Kings Tuts in Glasgow with a full band show on December 13 an acoustic show on December 14.

There will be a limited vinyl run of 1000 12”s, each with individual artwork by David Shrigley.


1. A Toast

2. Houseguest

3. Monkeys

4. Walker

5. Dear Brain

6. Caveman

7.Sunday Morning

8. Story Time

9. Help

10. Touch My Face

11. The Tree

12. A Computer

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