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Jupiter C


Jupiter C seem to be experiencing a slow but sustained rise in popularity. Positive reviews of their live shows are starting to appear in more and more publications and they seem to be courting the love of other musicians, culminating in what might be their most high profile support slot with Algiers. As we arrive, this small peak in popularity is obvious – yes Jupiter C might herald Manchester as their adopted home city, but I’ve seen other homemade acts in Gulivers and the attendance has been nowhere near where it’s at tonight.

‘Holiday’ and ‘Terminal’ announce Jupiter C’s arrival on stage. They’re typical of what we’ve come to expect from the duo, dystopic soundscapes that could soundtrack the sticking up propaganda posters and the slow ascent of an intimidating grey bricked communist building. That’s no surprise but what is, is the rapturous reception from the crowd with tonight’s audience nearly instantly taking them to their hearts.

The next song potentially titled ‘Under Your Skin’ best shows the extras that Jupiter C have added to their live show. The keys, loops and guitar now complement each other that bit better and it’s great to hear.

‘The Process’ is the strongest song tonight. The song has bright moments throughout, with some beautiful meandering keys and a threatening vocal from Ashiya, Jupiter C’s vocalist, who repetitively warns that someone can no longer be saved.

Another highlight of Jupiter C’s set is their next song. It’s a constant in their set list but I’m unsure of the song title. The chorus is really impressive, it sees Ashiya truly catch the essence of loneliness with the words ‘Is this the love we dreamed of’ over some wonderfully jarring guitar from her accomplice David. Hopelessness never sounded so good.

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