Hullah Bazoo! If these guys were feline they’d wear flat caps and blue suede shoes! The crowd are full o’ beans, beans and the ravenous sexual thirst for the Young Blood Brass Band; a 9 piece group whose last album, ‘is that a riot?’ was released on their own record label ‘Layered Music’. These guys are close to the best touring brass ensemble from the states.

With such hype it is lucky that the opening group, The Mouse Outfit (inc. Sam Warner from Riot Jazz!) are exactly what every cat needs: a live, funky, hip-hop infusion that passes straight through your veins to the body, soul and mind. Producing high quality sounds and rhythms that have a west coast feel, they are one of the best bands from the Manchester underground scene, and with this we are primed.

The Youngblood BB gives a highly versatile performance, each member brilliantly dynamic. The MC delivers lyrical wit, raising the audience’s hands puppet-like, and amongst the noise is heard, “Keep your hands in the air if you’re gonna masturbate tonight!” A lot of hands stay in the air – young crowd you see. Their set includes covers of Chaka Khan’s – ‘Ain’t Nobody’, and ‘Human Nature’ by Michael Jackson – both of which are surprisingly excellent.

Band on The Wall plays host to a massive variety of musicians, and is intimidatingly cool with its logo weaving in and out of a pattern on their own carpet. However, The Youngblood BB breaks through it all, and those that don’t move to the beat are so overcome by the funk and horn that it becomes idealism shattering. They are probably still there now.