Whilst doing a bit of travelling over summer, I came into contact with a lot of Australians. Disappointingly, they weren’t too keen on entertaining my hilarious one-sided dialogues about koala bears, kangaroos and all Australians being the descendants of prisoners. However, most of them did seem more than happy to talk to me about was their local* music scene.

As it turns out, a lot of people in Australia are sick to death of hearing about how great Tame Impala are, especially when there’s plenty of other relatively undiscovered talent out there in Oz just waiting to be unearthed by the rest of the world. One such gem that some Aussie chaps told me about was a duo who go by the name of Fishing. Hailing from somewhere in the Blue Mountains, East of Sydney, the production duo make beautiful, glitched out, sample heavy electronica that settles somewhere in between chillwave and wonky hip hop.

In their writing process, a great deal of emphasis appears to be placed on keeping their sound organic whilst allowing digital manipulation to add the sort of stutter and swing that only computers can provide. It all makes for excellent wind-down music; but the kind that maintains just about enough energy to keep your head bobbing and your eyes open. New single Choy Lin displays a perfect amount of restraint in its reverb soaked toms and soft pulsing pads, allowing it to drift hazily across the horizon of your mind as a stronger lead melody emerges and undulates graciously in the foreground. It’s all pretty blissful stuff that seems to nicely pay homage to the sunny climates of the band’s homeland.

With their Choy Lin 7” out now and an Australian tour already planned, it hopefully shouldn’t be too long until we get to see Fishing grace the shores of our own island; unless they’re sick of idiots like me asking them about kangaroos.

 * In Australia local means within a distance of about 100 miles.


I'm Allan, I've had obsessive listening disorder since I was about 13 and now I write about music as a way of helping me cope with that.