The Lovely Eggs

The Lovely Eggs

With a unique band like The Lovely Eggs it can be hard to pin down exactly what it is that they could possibly enjoy listening to, so with their biggest headline date almost upon them Holly and David have kindly put together 10 tracks of acts they love and why.

Tickets for their Manchester show at Gorilla on the 4th of November can be purchased here.

1. Sleaford Mods – TCR

We love Sleaford Mods. Ever since we first heard em we thought they were genius. Their lyrics are brilliant and really observational and funny. They’re a band who pretty much tell it like it is which is important in a music scene as bland as the one we have today. This is their new single. Love it!

2. Richard Brautigan – Trout Fishing in America

This is taken from Richard Brautigan’s spoken word album “Listening To Richard Brautigan” It is him reading his poems and mooching round his flat and talking to people and his phone ringing. We will never get tired of the sound of Richard Brautigan’s voice reading poems on this album. On this track he reads the chapter “The Hunchback Trout” from Trout Fishing in America.

3. Herb Diamante – Wasp in a Jam Jar

Now we first heard Herb playing at a festival up in the Lakes near us. And we thought “What the FUCK is that.” Anyone who provokes that sort of “what the fuck” reaction with us is always a winner in our estimation. “Wasp in a Jam Jar. Half Eaten Hard Boiled Egg on the Hill. Why did I do it?” Total frigging genius!

4. Neu! – Hallogallo

Gem of a track this. You know it.

5. Parquet Courts – Paraphrased

Now it’s not often these days we hear something on the radio that we like. A lot of music seems so bloody bland these days, well the stuff that gets played on the radio anyway. Well this was a tune that made us sit up and go, who was that? And it’s Parquet Courts and they’re fucking excellent.

6. Let’s Wrestle – I Won’t Lie To You

The first Let’s Wrestle album “In the Court of the Wrestling Lets” is an absolute classic of an album. There’s just so many good tunes on there. They’ve split up now which is sad but sometimes inevitable. This record will stand the test of time though and this track is an absolute banger!

7. Cosmic Dead – The White Rabbit

This is an amazing hypnotic tune from Glasgow’s The Cosmic Dead. The drummer Julian is a mate of ours. He used to live in Lancaster and he is a graphic artist and designed the last two Lovely Eggs t-shirts. He sends us postcards when he is away on tour which are always a delight to receive.

8. Ivor Cutler – A Wooden Tree

There’s no one that sounds like Ivor Cutler. He’s totally got his own style and no one can touch it. It’s a perfect blend of story telling set to music. And he doesn’t give a shit if things don’t rhyme! This is a classic tune off his album Jammy Smears.

9. Cabbage – Uber Capitalistic Death Trade

Dunno a lot about this lot. Sometimes it’s the best way. Does it sound good? Yes. Sort of a bit like Dead Kennedys.

10. David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time

We’re pretty much obsessed with David Lynch. He is a total genius. Remember first hearing this album and being like “what the FUCK!” which like we said before is the best reaction to all good interesting new music in our opinion. Sometimes it’s great when your brain is totally scrambled and you can’t understand what you’re hearing but you smile and think you know you like it. This is the title track from the album. We cannot fucking WAIT for Twin Peaks to come out next year. Gunna have to get Sky or summat!


Thurs 20 Oct – The Cluny, NEWCASTLE
Fri 21 Oct – Arden Road Social Club, HALIFAX
Sat 22 Oct – The Adelphi, HULL
Sun 23 Oct – Labour Club, NORTHAMPTON
Mon 24 Oct – The Cellar, OXFORD
Tues 25 Oct – Sub 89, READING
Weds 26 Oct – The Lexington, LONDON
Thurs 27 Oct – The Joiners, SOUTHAMPTON
Fri 28 Oct – The Exchange, BRISTOL
Sat 29 Oct – The Hairy Dog, DERBY
Fri 4 Nov – Gorilla, MANCHESTER buy tickets
Fri 11 Nov – Electric Circus, EDINBURGH
Sat 12 Nov – Broadcast, GLASGOW

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