The Lovely Eggs – I Am Moron

Psych punk duo Holly Ross and David Blackwell are back to poke a huge rock n’ roll shaped stick at the world as we know it and jolt us all into Eggland. ‘I Am Moron’ is once again produced by Dave Fridmann, whose ear for all things a bit psych (as demonstrated on his work with Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Tame Impala) is a perfect match for the Eggs’ garage rock sounds.

I remember when they did a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6Music years ago, where they’d just convinced Fridmann to work with them for 2017’s album ‘This Is Eggland’. Holly was in disbelief, as if a band like them shouldn’t be attracting that kind of producer all by themselves, and yet The Lovely Eggs have more going for them than most bands on major labels, just through their sheer creativity, determination, a fierce D.I.Y approach to everything they do, and above all their brilliant musical meld of psych rock and social commentary.

Tracks like ‘This Decision’ take consumerism and all the trappings of modern life, then throw them on the kitchen floor and invite you to look at the mess, before asking, is this what you really want out of life? It highlights the stark realities between those with choices and those without in our ever changing world, and shows the Eggs’ love for their own way of living – a D.I.Y no frills approach to everything. Theirs is a thirteen year career of doing things their way, no booking agent, manager, label, just them.  They don’t want it any other way, as they state what’s important to them, isn’t important to others, and what other people cherish often isn’t important to The Lovely Eggs.

’24 Eyes’ finds Holly’s powerful vocals going at full pelt, over a punk as hell guitar buzz melody, as does greatly titled ‘The Digital Hair’ with its equally frantic and gloriously rebellious delivery. ‘Still Second Rate’ features a mid section which is apparently their version of the hold music for the Working Tax Credit helpline, and deals with the way some people view things as second rate, but to the Lovely Eggs it’s a badge of honour to be striving to do things their way, even if that means some tough times and extra hassles.

Throughout the album The Lovely Eggs are keen to shine a light on what’s gone wrong with the country, but also what we should celebrate, and invite us to think about what in this mad world, is really important. Right now, what’s important is listening to The Lovely Eggs, loudly, as often as possible. An utterly brilliant slab of punk laced psych. Who needs holidays abroad, just stick this on and go to Eggland instead.

The Lovely Eggs: I Am Moron – Out Now (Egg Records)

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