With his debut album Neō Wax Bloom recently released via Brainfeeder, Iglooghost recently teamed with Noisey to unveil another track from the record titled ‘Sōlar Blade’.

The track ‘Sōlar Blade’ is about Uso – a bug boy in a cloak stealing fruit and investigating a series of mysterious portals,” explains Iglooghost. “Gazing inside one of them, his eyes meet with those of Yomi – a monk made of multi-coloured fog. Alarmed, Yomi leaps out of the temporal rift and begins chasing Uso across a mountain range made of chalk.

The official  ‘Sōlar Blade’ was directed by Mushbuh, with Iglooghost commenting: “I’ve always been enamoured with Mushbuh’s work. It’s digital 3D but almost looks like little clay models. It was so sick to see him bring the Iglooghost characters to life. Those are little characters I doodle in my room at 3am.

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