Jaga Jazzist

Norwegian octet Jaga Jazzist have unveiled latest single ‘Tomita’ ahead of new album ‘Pyramid’ which will be released on 7th August. The single is a four minute and twelve second cut down version of the full song that features on the new album which is close to fourteen minutes long. An accompanying video directed and animated by Jengo (@ojeng has also been unveiled). The track pays homage to Japanese composer and pioneering synth player Isao Tomita.

Co-founder Lars Horntveth says of the album:

“I felt that this album is a small symphony, each part containing its own rooms to explore.”

‘Pyramid’ is the band’s first self-produced album, drummer Martin Horntveth said this about its creation:

“It was hard but felt natural to do ourselves, as five of us are producers and make records for a living. The result is an album that feels more collaborative than ever”

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