Cassette Store Day is back this autumn on Saturday 14th October 2017 with a day of global celebrations, and all in honour of the humble cassette tape. The first list of UK releases is as follows:

Strange Collective – Surf Odyssey (Salvation)
Trojan Horse – Fukushima Surfer Boys (This City Is Ours)
AlgernonCornelius – Radio (This City Is Ours)
untitled band – badly poured beer (untitled band project)
worriedaboutsatan – Blank Tape (Spun Out Of Control)
Stefan Bachmeier – Anomaly On Meadow Lane (Spun Out Of Control)
Alternative TV – The Image Has Cracked (Radiation)
The Kids – Kids (Radiation)
Blitz – Voice Of A Generation (Radiation)
Various Artists – FutureSounds Volume 2 (TimeSlave)
Occams Laser – Occams Laser: Occult 86 (TimeSlave)
Sad Palace – Frostbeat (Kissability)
The Dollar Bill Murrays – Always On (Valley Heat)
Zapoppin’ – Live At The Curse (Last Shop Recs)
Pony Fringe – Forgotten Lullabies (Lavender Sweep)
Paris Angels – Stairs To The Sun EP (Lavender Sweep)
Gina Kushka – Cure (Access)
Various Artists – Neon Maniacs (Nerve Centre/Girlsville)
Rosie Blacher – Anhedonia (Obi)
Don Pierre – La frontière finale (Obi)
Old Swing – Someone Else (Obi)
Underwood – Underwood (Obi)
Twins Natalia – The Destiny Room (Lavender Sweep)
Chris Knox – KnoxTraxFine (Thokei Tapes)
Madison Beer – Dead (Access)
aramael – OldSchoolTape (Churchill Independent)
SBK Satan’s Bee Keeper – SBK EP1 (Sonic Entrails)
Various Artists – The Doxey Boggart Cassette (Sonic Entrails)
Kiasmos – Kiasmos (Erased Tapes)
Various Artists – Witches’ Halloween Brew (Burning Witches)
Those Unfortunates – In Lavender (& other songs) (Midnight Bell)
Kara Marni – Golden (Access)
Dancehall – K.O. (Vibe/Anti-Vibe)
One Man Bannister – Evolver (A Tribute To The Beatles) (Thokei Tapes)
Various Artists – Blak Magik (Blak Hand)
Los Bitchos – Tripping Party (Blak Hand)

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