LGBTQ band, LEONE, are emerging from the shadows with new material. Three unheard tracks will join ‘GTFOH’, ‘I Wanna Be’, and ‘Kiss ‘Em Bye Bye’ on August 18, finalising the ‘GTFOH’ EP. After their first, and most recent, album ‘(thisbodyisntmine)’, I found a love for this band that is incredibly special. Their debut album introduced tracks like ‘Monochrome Colors’ and ‘Talk To Me’ to the pop and alternative rock music scene, which explore the expression of messages and emotions like I have never heard before. LEONE is powerful, and I’m deeply excited for their new collection of art.

‘Kiss ‘Em Bye Bye’ lays the foundations for the following tracks, delivering a despondent break-up story in an incredibly high-powered way. Seemingly fuelled by anger merged with sadness, the melody is slow and loud, with the lyrics ranging from woeful to careless and free. There’s an odd beauty to this track. It holds something unique that the other typical, overplayed break-up songs of today’s music industry don’t; it feels real. The emotions coming out of this music feel so unbelievably authentic, inevitably making it one of the best songs out there.

‘See the Sun’ follows with just as much of a biting melody as ‘Kiss ‘Em Bye Bye’. Throughout the chorus, the vocals really draw you in, building up to the complete display of talent towards the end of the song. A softening takes place almost three minutes into the track, creating an expectation for the closure of this number, but LEONE takes us by surprise once again as they come back in with full power. Having repeatedly listened to ‘See the Sun’, it’s safe to say that it’s impossible to not find yourself stunned from this musical climax.

Another new one for this EP is ‘Can I Call You Mine?’, which by a close cut, is my favourite song out of the six. From the soft, swayful melody, to the alluring vocals and the overall feel that comes from this piece, it’s a recipe for pure bliss. It seems as though every single second is thought through and flawlessly executed, complementing the moments before and after. Each line hits with its own sharpness, rendering you addicted to the genius of LEONE. A sensitive call out of the song’s title finishes the track. I’m halfway through the EP, but I never want it to end.

The title track of the album, ‘GTFOH’, storms in with blaring sirens and brawny guitar, soon being joined by somewhat punky vocals. Lyrics come as yelled sentences, really pushing the rebellious feel of the instruments behind them, and completely breaking the theme of the rest of the tracks. Watching the accompanying music video for this track, I’m left mesmerised. A performance coated in latex and leather held my attention while the beautifully bold anthem blasted down my ears. This side of LEONE reminds me so much of Måneskin, and I know for a fact that they would be just as loved with the same initial viral exposure.

A six-minute ballad, titled ‘Today, I Miss You’, stands as a tearful finale to the album. “I lost you before I could say goodbye,” haunts my thoughts as the track progresses through its development, becoming more brave through every verse. The lyrics are almost a sign of relief, as if they’re expressing feelings that have been bottled up for decades.

There is not a single track on this EP that I could’ve ever brought myself to skip past. Each piece is beautiful in its own way, and provides a unique identity that makes the collection as special as it is. It’s about time that LEONE got the recognition and appreciation that they so dearly deserve; they’re going to go big, and I can’t wait to watch it happen.

LEONE: GTFOH – Out 18th August 2023

I Call You Mine? – YouTube