After the organ moving sub bass of “Love Dub”, and the kicked back beauty of “Weekend Fly”, Cooly G comes in strong with her next release on Hyperdub.

“Up In My Head” follows in the flow of “Love Dub”. Tender synth stabs open, swiftly followed by the cushioned drums bouncing onto the track. Cooly’s vocals caress the track, dreamily floating around the pads in a manner that is deep, soulful and beautiful to behold. This is another slice of blissful dreams from the Hyperdub princess.

“Phat Si” switches to deeper ground as Cooly takes a different approach. Frantic drum work sets the pace, while scattered hi-hats filter in and out of earshot, strengthening the wild cries of the murky bassline. Hawking out like some unnatural creature caught in your speaker cone. Abstract bleeps work the drop, crying on throughout the track. This track comes as tough has nails – expect damage when it hits the dance floor.

As 2010 pushes on, Cooly G can do no wrong. Since her debut EP on Hyperdub last year, she’s snowballed into one of the most on demand DJ/Producers of present, and with everyone from Mixmag to the Guardian singing her praises, the only way is up for this lady.




Release Date 23/08/2010 (Hyperdub)

Work in literally, am a work in progress....