With their debut album on the horizon, industrial noise band NAKED play Manchester’s Soup Kitchen on 8th September in a show which may induce a few cardiac arrests.

Made up of Agnes Gryczkowska and Alexander Johnston, their first album ‘ZONE’ is set to be one of the heaviest and abrasive albums of 2016. Similar to what Death Grips are doing, NAKED take the listener to a higher plain of abrasion and horror with their very hard, dark electronic music. After listening to a few cuts, including title track “ZONE”, I have come to the conclusion that they’re Crystal Castles on steroids and should be taken seriously.

There’s been quite a few projects of this nature breaking through into wider streams of consciousness recently and I’m delighted. Maybe NAKED’s existence in the world has cancelled out another shit band’s attempts at fame and fortune, their sound certainly being more relatable to the current planet to anything anyone else could muster.

If you want music associated with ideas of death, gore, the cold sting of a razorblade and inner turmoil, NAKED are the band for you. There are no great illusions with this band, what you see is what you fucking get.

You can Pre-Order ‘ZONE’ HERE.

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