Old school blues man Christopher William Stoneking, or simply CW Stoneking, reveals the brand new video for “Zombie”, taken off his ‘Gon’ Boogaloo’ (2014) album.

The video is animated and sees a zombie apocalypse take hold, containing lots of disturbing horror imagery via drawings with what looks like charcoal. It was created by Patrick McHales and certainly makes for an interesting watch whilst taking in the sombre music.

The Australian born singer-songwriter is known for his unique take on modern blues. In other words, he makes it sound like it came from the 1930s rather than the 21st Century. Some may consider him abit of a novelty act, but many consider him to be one of the strongest blues contemporaries in music.

He’s definitely an acquired taste, however, the way in which he performs takes you way back in time, to when the real blues were a happening. For me it’s like he was born in a dust bowl during the wall street crash in America, he’s gritty, croaky at times and proud to perform a style of music which he loves; perfectly executed enthusiasm becoming quite a rare commodity these days.

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