Escapologists are a Nottingham/Berlin based trio making dreamy indie-electronica that seems to exist within its own self-contained world. A world filled a sense of yearning and nostalgia.

Recalling Talk Talk at the point where their early indie dance-floor hits morphed into a more introspective body of work. Escapologists make songs of a pop sensibility full of distorted grooves and clean spacious vistas. Vocally and lyrically, singer Neil Wells relays stories of loss in an ever-mournful , dulcet vocal. The sense conveyed is of smouldering fires somewhere in the distance, always on the verge of conflagration.

Escapologist (definition):

An entertainer who specializes in freeing himself or herself from confinement.

‘Conscience or Regret’ is taken from Escapologists forthcoming album ‘Fireworks’. It is an album that also recalls The Cure’s ‘Disintegration’: a sense of melancholy is woven into unexpected melodies, nuanced synth lines and guitar hooks that creep up on you slowly and stay with you a long while after.

‘Fireworks’ recalls the spirit of the early 80’s in its blending of post-rock’s stylistic and pop’s melodic structures, but is one not of slavish replication, but a sound both fresh and wholly personal.

Escapologists are: Neil Wells, (bass and vocals) , Pete Fletcher, (guitar, production) and Nick Jonah Davis, (guitar, keyboards).

Single ‘Conscience or Regret’ Released 27th August, and…

The album ‘Fireworks’ is out 1st October. Both via Records, Records, Records