Exciting new funk band RootNotes to release debut single ‘Move to This’

RootNotes – Luke Jones photo

Looking to set the Midland’s music scene alight with their unique funk infused indie sound, RootNotes are a charming new band who may just reignite your passion for indie music.

Making a refreshing change from the multitude of Alex Turner wannabe’s, these boys from Walsall are breathing new life into the decaying genre.

Taking inspiration from the likes of James Brown and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, their debut single ‘Move to This’ is a delightful blend of jazzy saxophone and catchy lyrics that leaves you in the mood to dance.

The single was recorded by music producer Gavin Monaghan who is known for his work with Robert Plant, Editors, The Twang and The Sherlocks.

Although the funky saxophone beats are quite possibly the stand out element of the track, the other elements are equally as strong and together they create something you’ll want to listen to time and time again.

It’s a strong introduction from the new boys on the block and proves that they will be ones to watch for the future.

‘Move to This’ will be released across all major platforms on 27th July.

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