The angular, Leeds-based plague that is Forever Cult set broken horses free on the wire-wrapped ‘Codeine’ – surfing the fine line between melody and cacophony. Singer Kieran Clarke barks through fuzz and blurs the razor-sharp edges of the unpredictable 2-minutes of hyper-death – cutting any kind of complacency in half and hanging it from the beams that rest beneath the band’s endless ceiling of ambition.

Acting as some sort of threat to those that aren’t prepared to step into their vicious, battery-acid view, ‘Codeine’ paints with broad, black strokes and primal fear. If the comforting, slow-crawl of the drug is intended to treat pain, then Forever Cult are the musical equivalent of a life spent without such relief, and if their single – named after the opiate and taken from their forthcoming Homewrecker EP, does one thing well, it’s demonstrate that Forever Cult are firmly in control of their own chaos.

‘Codeine’ is taken from the EP ‘Homewrecker’ out now via Clue Records.

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James Musker

Music Journalism student and lover of all things sensory and cosmic.