Howe Gelb

Howe Gelb

“When the planet glows dim, things tend to get more intimate”

Parishioners at St. Michael’s Church in Ancoats can expect to hear tomorrow (24th June 2016) some music “never heard before as if it’d always been there”. Howe Gelb will be performing alone with his piano, supported by Erika Wennerstrom. Now that his Giant Sand long-life project has just “plopped in bed”, the piano is his “new desk” where he writes his unique music. Gelb’s ‘official’ biography claims that he has been raised by wolves and maybe because of that, he believes that “when the planet glows dim, things tend to get more intimate”.

Amaia Santana: After 30 years of plenitude you (sadly) announced the “death” of both Giant Sand and Giant Giant Sand, although there’s this Giant 3 Sand… So, is the family getting bigger, perhaps?? (Come on give us some hope! J)

Howe Gelb: I like that word plenitude. I hope you just made it up. It has come time for giant sand in any form as we know it to be put to bed. It’s not dead.  It’s not even sleeping. It’s just plopped in bed. No more albums or venue tours. The odd festival now and again, yes. It has had a grand run and the last 2 years have been the best ever for me. So it’s a fine time to call it a day.

AS: “I’m very eager to see what the next blink will bring. Piano for now. Songs forever”, you said when announcing the band’s ‘sunset’. Why the piano? What has this ‘blink’ brought ?

HG: The piano is my new desk when I hit the office. It’s been waiting there for a long time so patiently.

AS: You’re performing at St. Michael’s church in Ancoats, Manchester. Would you say that your music is kind of ‘church-like’? In terms of pure spirituality, that is…

HG: I would say music is a spiritual thing even when it’s not. My music is not church like. I don’t even know what would be like.

AS: I would also (dare to) say that your music is more suitable for the night-time, what do you think?

HG: Well it’s an intimate thing most of the time. A one on one thing. When the planet glows dim, things tend to get more intimate.

AS: What shall the audience expect from your upcoming Mancunian gig?

HG: Songs they’ve never heard played as if they’d always been here.

AS: Will you meet Guy Harvey when you come to Manchester? That’s a funny story: you’re friends thanks to a ‘lyrics robbery’…

HG: He’s a fine fellow. Not sure if he’s in town. Had his hands full with a meltdown I hear

AS:  I can’t help checking if you’ve included Spain in your current tour and there’s certainly a Spanish city, but surprisingly enough it’s not the ‘common’ Madrid nor Barcelona, but Cordoba… I guess this is not a mere coincidence, given your musical link with the Spanish traditional guitar and your beloved gypsies…

HG: Cordoba is more like Tucson than Tucson is.

AS: Which is the latest music discovery that you’ve come across?

HG: I don’t do that anymore. .. But you might listen to Pieta Brown or always Lonna Kelley

Tickets available via Hey! Manchester here

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