Meadowlark have today shared their new video for their current single ‘Postcards’. As with all of Meadowlarks’ videos, ‘Postcards’ was directed by the band’s guitarist Dan Broadley. In keeping with the concept of the song itself, which is a message to an ex-lover, Meadowlark called upon their fans to contribute to the creation of this video and asked them to send in postcards with messages to those who have impacted their life in a significant way, good or bad.

Speaking about the creation of this video, Dan shared: “’Postcards’ has such an honest and raw quality about it, both in the songwriting and the production. I wanted the video to have these same qualities. Involving our fans has always been something I’ve wanted to do, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so. We ended up receiving over 100 postcards, and each one was so beautifully written and so heartbreakingly honest. In the end we had to pick the final ones at random, as we had too many favourites. I’m really proud of this piece.”

Whilst speaking about the song itself, Meadowlark’s lead vocalist and songwriter, Kate McGill shared: “I think it’s so important to think about how you’re feeling, and even more important to note those things down on paper – which is why it was so heart-warming to see how many people got involved with our music video. There were clearly things weighing really heavy on people’s hearts, and the fact they came forward to say what they wanted to say was amazing. I applaud anyone with that kind of courage.”

‘Postcards’ is the title track from this Bristol-based duo’s debut LP which is set for release on Friday 30th June 2017 via All Points (previously known as Believe Recordings).

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