Electro five-piece Breton have released a new video to accompany the re-release of their LP War Room Stories.

The video accompanies Parthian Shot, one of the tracks from the London based group’s reissued LP, which is available now on their own label Cut Tooth, via Believe Recordings.

The song is one of two new tracks to be included in the reissue of the group’s second album, which did not feature in the original release.

Roman Rappak, lead singer of the group, described the thinking behind the video.

He said: “The idea was to create something that looked like a YouTube still, but that if you looked close enough, was a video shot at 200 frames a second.

“We shot long sequences with very subtle movements in them.

“We wanted to keep the colour palette simple using only black white and red to create a striking and dramatic effect that well represent the cinematic aspect of the song.

Lexi Kiddo, director of the video, added: “The mannequin is emblematic of a character being shaped by exterior forces through a very slow, gradual process the black/white paints drip on the mannequin create textures that transform its appearance.”

The band, who previously toured with Local Natives and Foals, recorded War Room Stories in Berlin.

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