From time to time, one of our contributors will recommend an artist/band they think deserves  your attention. No record labels, PR companies, bands or band’s management will ever have made these recommendations. It is simply one music fan putting their taste on the line in the hope of sharing good music. The questions are intended to give just a basic introduction to possibly your new favourite artist/band.

So without further ado, let’s crack on with another introduction, in which Silent Radio Editor Simon Poole recommends Less Win for your audible delectation.


  • Less Win photo by Daniel Hjorth

    Less Win photo by Daniel Hjorth

    Who are ya?

Patz, Matt, and Casper. A Pole, an Australian and a Spaniard. All in one Danish band.

  • Where are you from?

Copenhagen & Australia.

  • How long have you been doing what you’re doing now?

We started as a duo back in 2011, but have since added Matthew to the lineup in 2013 and feel like this is the true lineup. So somewhere in between two years and forever.

  • Is being a musician your full time job?

Sometimes. Especially when we are on the road, which we try to be as much as possible.

  • Are there any obvious influences in your music?

George Michael’s protruding portrayal of the upper class inspires us greatly. He is a role model for us all.

  • Are there any not so obvious influences in your music?

Gang of Four. You would not think it with our sound, but we actually really like them. We also really like Cleaners from Venus and Felt. Again, total shockers we know, but sometimes you have to remember that taste is subjective. Don’t be so judgmental.

  • Any musical Guilty Pleasures? Come on you can share, we’re all friends here!

Joe Dolce’s ‘Shaddap You Face’ is a classic.

  • Apart from yourself of course, what other band/artist would you recommend our readers check out?

We recommend all music. Just some music more than others. With that said, you should check out Tears and Yung  if you don’t already know them. Nice, well-behaved young men.

  • Tell us about the defining moment when you thought ‘Fuck, yes I want to be a musician!’

Eurovison 2000. If music that bad can be successful then imagine how far we can go? It was a really powerful experience to be honest.

  • Does what go on, on tour, stay on tour?

No, we like gossip. Our next album is probably going to be titled; “Tales from tour: Less Win bares all”.

  • What’s your most favourite gig (as a gig goer)?

Headwar in Enschede last year (2014) stands out. We played with them at The Loch in Enschede, and they were pretty special.

  • Who, in your wildest dreams would you like to collaborate with/be produced by?

George Michael as musical guide and Brian Eno as an engineer. The bald and the beautiful.

  • Best place for people to find out what you are up to?

Facebook is probably your best bet. You can also check our label’s Facebook as they tend to post about whereabouts as well.

  • Anything to declare?

Visions are only what you make them to be.