In a year spinning so far out of control and social reach, it seems only fair to abandon it to be forgotten, as it only brings shame within the yearly calendars. Though one positive of ‘this year’ has given us, is a sleuth of good album releases. Fitting to the torrid trap that is ‘this year’, aptly titled No Age have released their second album on Drag City, ‘Goons Be Gone’ (bloody hell, even the album title suits).
I came across No Age when they where on Sub Pop Records, even having the pleasure of seeing them play live in 2013 at Manchester’s Deaf Institute, supported by the underrated Wet Nuns (rest in peace Alexis ‘Leki’ Graham). Their main appeal is the frank up tone of their indie-rrific low rent sound that only stimulates positivity in my system. Inoffensive (still, effective) songs that would never need to ask to bob along to, because your body made that decision for you, you really cannot faulter a fresh No Age release.

From the opener ‘Sandalwood’ to the last notes of ‘Agitating Moss’, why not switch off the fact that summer is twelve months away. Outside isn’t quite ready to resemble any familiarity and wrap around a delightful positive stroke of joyful songs to keep you in check, that all is okay and one day will not need such a mantra.

You cannot fail with ‘Goons Be Gone’. It was not written with any attempt to be a thought-provoking listen. It’s a calm album that really needs more attention in a time when whatever indie music offers up in the mainstream, doesn’t compete with No Ages now swimming discography of a warm centered feel of a good time. Listen to No Age and make a moment.

No Age: Goons Be Gone – Out Now (Drag City Records)