Teenage Mothers are one of the most fucked up bands around at the moment. They were kicked off M83’s tour in Australia when their lead singer inhaled Nistrous Oxide on stage, back flipped into the crowd, and almost set the stage on fire.

Teenage Mothers’ lead singer, JK, left school at 16 to be a pro skateboarder. Then he quit the Nike team and taught himself to read. Now he’s a political activist (and still skating hard). Last year, he spent two weeks sleeping at the Occupy Melbourne protest. Until he joined Teenage Mothers, JK had never sung onstage.

The band’s guitarist (and sometimes lead vocalist) is Raphael Brous. His provocative novel ‘I Am Max Lamm’ was recently published in Australia through UQP / Penguin Books. In 2013, the novel will be published in the UK through Corsair.

Have a listen to their debut EP and judge for yourselves: