Dead Sea Apes

Dead Sea Apes


Hailed as the fresh face of krautrock, Chile’s Föllakzoid, signed to Sonic Cathedral records, tour on the back of their third full LP release, III. This is their first UK tour and to say they are eagerly anticipated, would be an understatement.

The night kicks off in fine style with Jason Boardman spinning the tunes and providing an eclectic mix of psych and krautrock which seamlessly flows together. Support for the evening comes in the form of three-piece Dead Sea Apes. They start the set as they mean to go on with a doom-laden bass courtesy of Nick Harris, loud and reverberating. The distinct lack of vocals puts them in good company with The Cosmic Dead and Radar Men from the Moon, comparisons I am sure they will not shy away from. There are smacks of post-metal and one begins to wonder if this is where this epoch of music began.

As the set powers on, elements are layered and contrasted, with the invariable drum beat of Chris Hardman proving the driving force behind the overall setup. The extensive use of drone and clever guitar riffs from Brett Savage conclude the offering and with a third album imminent, it is clear to see why these guys are one of the most sought after support acts at present.

And now time for the main event, Föllakzoid take to the stage somewhat jaded from a 14 hour journey straight from their Paris show last night, but no less enthusiastic. Piling straight into ‘Electric’ with its spine jarring reverbing synth and probing bass line, guitarist Domingo starts to bounce as his minor tonal sections kick in and the tempo rises. The repeated bass and interspersed vocals of Juan Pablo swoon and the motorik drumming from Diego completes the sound. This 12 minute masterpiece puts the crowd nicely in the moment and the mood is vibrant as it concludes.

We are treated to ‘Piure’ next where repetition is the key to the sound achieved and the layers are minutely manipulated in their progression; the difference is ever so slight but achieves increasing intensity as the track progresses. The minimal lighting on stage accompanied by an intense bout from the smoke machine ensure an air of mystery is accomplished.



‘9’ hones more on the synth elements and offers more focus on the vocals which are effected to swirl and swoosh hypnotically. This track has a very Neu! feel and it becomes very clear why this band from South America who really have no business invoking krautrock have earned that epithet.

The main part of the set draws to a close with the incredible (and most well-known of their tracks) ‘Trees’. With its instantaneous guitar riff that everyone will be humming for the rest of the night and the bounce of the drum beat, ‘Trees’ is a track that forces its way into your consciousness unashamedly. The crowd dance along happily to this one as the vocals and synth embrace them in a warm glow. A loss of reality occurs here in both band and audience and if the reaction is anything to go by, Föllakzoid will be around for some time. A nice track choice to close the set and leave the crowd wanting more.

We are not disappointed when they reclaim the stage with ‘Rivers’ however it is clear by this point fatigue has set it and after the symphony that was ‘Trees’ this track is more like an after-thought than the set closer it is intended to be.

It’s easy to forget that it is a Tuesday as the mood has been so vibrant and enthralling. Thanks must go to joint promoters The Beauty Witch and Grey Lantern for making this one a reality.

It is clear that this is music not constrained by traditional structures. The evolving loops ensure that Föllakzoid offer a spiritual awakening with a krautrock influence.

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