Ever-evolving British trio Esben and the Witch have to announced a new six-track remix EP, complementing their album of January 2013, ‘Wash the Sins Not Only the Face’.

A brave and bold statement of intent, embracing new stylistic directions and a developed immediacy while maintaining the band’s signature atmospheres, Wash the Sins… was a critical hit earning considerable praise from the likes of Mojo, The Fly, Clash and NME.

Maps, aka Mute-signed producer James Chapman, takes Esben’s ‘When That Head Splits’ and turns ominous tones into otherworldly textures. It’s a trip to the edges of the atmosphere, stars in its eyes, music to soundtrack the glinting dawn as it races across a new horizon.

The mysterious Klad Hest (who may or may not be a member of phenomenal Bristolians Beak>) turns the driving ‘Despair’ into something so very far from its punk-rock roots.  Esben’s good friends Teeth of the Sea transform album closer ‘Smashed To Pieces In the Still of the Night’ into a noir-ish fever dream, whilst David Andrew Sitek’s (TV on the Radio) reworking of Deathwaltz gorgeously chiming mix, exposes this band’s warmer heart, as included on the special edition vinyl of Wash the Sins Not Only the Face.

Brighton experimental folk artist Woodpecker Wooliams and Lumbers turn their respective hands to ‘When That Head Splits’ and ‘The Fall of Glorieta Mountain’, enabling fans and newcomers to discover facets of Esben and the Witch that they might have previously missed.

Playing live:

August 16th – Beacons Festival, Yorkshire