Aatma or Night & Day? That will be the question this Saturday 14th May. Given the Manchester Psych Fest stage times,  it’s just military planning left. Again, I’ll do my best to be Schrödinger’s cat and therefore be dead and alive at the same time at these two fantastic venues in the always lively Northern Quarter. Thankfully, both places are within just five minutes walking.

Once you change your ticket for a lucky wristband (Aatma, from 2pm on), you’ll be able to embrace the multi-coloured noises of the finest psychedelia. Clinic and Telegram will be headlining (Night & Day and Aatma, respectively) in this fourth edition. The latter recommend us to watch Spectres (007’s mental psych-prog!), Novella and Secret Fix.

It is very likely that the scouse Clinic will live up to the (high) expectations with a mind-blowing performance. The same for Telegram. The Anglo-Welsh outfit will bring a kind of frantic, weird feel good psychedelia. I guess that the ‘glam touch’ will be the key.

Plus, Telegram will be DJing at Night & Day as an after-party from midnight to closing time. Bear in mind that Electric Jug, The Beat Chics, Wet Dreams and Bleached will be also doing their thing on the decks. Honestly, I can’t wait for the Mancunians The Watchmakers, one of the highlighted bands in my ambitious psych-planning.

True expectation as well for the Londoners trio Novella and their Peace&Love driven yet somehow disturbing theme. Equally intrigued by LA based Triptides (Promising stuff indeed).

Besides, I’m really curious about Phobophobes as I just discovered their song ‘No Flavour’ and got haunted by those eerie melodies straight away.

So, plan your trip and then let your curiosity run wild! See you at Manchester Psych Fest!


Amaia Santana

Good karma brought me here to Manchester, my second home, where you can stay healthy (despite the weather) and young forever, as you can breathe live music in every corner of the city. I do believe in the healing power of music (rock is my life vest) and I'd be so glad to share my passion with you rockers of the world!