Postcards From Jeff - Suburban Girl

Postcards From Jeff – Suburban Girl

From the windswept valleys of a very British countryside to pastel hue dreams of Hollywood darlings, Suburban Girl – the brand new track taken from the forthcoming debut album of Yorkshire  producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Postcard from Jeff – further explores a love of Lynchian style, in particular, Twin Peaks’ tragic heroine Laura Palmer.

“It’s about the projection of fantasy; getting lost in the worlds of people we watch on the silver screen, obsession, glamour, and desire,” reveals Postcards From Jeff alter ego Joss Worthington. “It references being mesmerised by someone and the ideas you project onto them.”

Equally reflecting a penchant for the skilled soundtracks of Angelo Badalamenti, David Torn, and Alexandre Desplat, and the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock and Tippi Hedren whilst filming The Birds, Suburban Girl’s influences are as broad as they are wide. With a sparkling melody that paves the way for Worthington’s elusive deadpan baritone, each melodic twist and turn is like a one-way window onto someone’s multifaceted life. “I always like to invent a world for the songs to live in so I’m often creating visual images in my mind to accompany the lyrics,” Worthington explains. “I like to see the lyrics as little movies although they are always more abstract than that.”

Helping to realise his vision, Worthington has once again turned to his blossoming friendship with Brighton-based filmmaker-photographer Steve Glashier (whose showreel credits include videos for Primal Scream, Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, and Julliette Lewis). Having created the videos for previous Postcards tracks A House and the Wim Wenders inspired Awake, what originally began as a simple musical project has now evolved into a fully-fledged tragic-romantic narrative, with Suburban Girl akin to a sequel in Postcards From Jeff’s ever-evolving trajectory.

“We wanted to take the people from ‘A House’ and explore their world a bit more,” reveals Worthington. “There were a lot of considerations to getting it right though.”

Shot on location in Brighton using Glashier’s heavyweight Medium Format camera, the video’s timeless look appears to be the point at which the glitz of LA’s Hollywood Hills and European Cinematic influences meet. Adding to its fly on the wall voyeuristic style, the film’s concentric circles focus in on the glamour puss meets girl-next-door character who recalls the femme fatale of Edie  Factory Girl’ Sedgwick and leaves you with more questions than it does answers.

“There’s a glamorous element to the characters but darker undercurrents make things a lot weirder,” Worthington explains. “I was quite adamant about exploring that in a balanced way, I didn’t want it to be judgemental nor did I want the characters to seem too aspirational.”

Written, played, recorded, mixed and mastered by Postcards From Jeff in his ‘Distant City’ studio located in the midst of Yorkshire’s rolling landscape, Suburban Girl marks the point at which the world outside has become a new sonic playground for Worthington’s vast melodic exploration. Be one of the first to experience it when Postcards From Jeff broadens his horizons even further and plays some special shows this spring ahead of the eagerly anticipated debut album ‘Modern Language’ released 15/06/15.

Postcards From Jeff came in as guests on the Silent Radio Show on the 21st of March. If you missed it you can catch the whole show again here

Suburban Girl is out now on Louder Than War Records

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15/05/15 Victoria Theatre, HALIFAX

06/06/15 The Lofthouse, NOTTINGHAM

13/06/15 Soup Kitchen, MANCHESTER

17/06/15 The Strongroom, LONDON

25/07/15 Brudenell Social Club, LEEDS

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