Whether channelling a small-budget British independent film or an epic million pound widescreen wonder, if there’s one thing multi-instrumentalist and sonic explorer Postcards From Jeff knows it’s how to be cinematic. ‘Awake’, the next track to be taken from his self- titled debut EP is a classic but thoroughly modern film noir offering about one man’s attempt at bringing order to a chaotic life.

Continuing to work in his rural Yorkshire recording studio hideaway between producer duties for other artists, escapism is something that Postcards From Jeff understands. He plays, records and mixes everything himself and his enigmatic identity is that of a producer in his downtime experimenting and crafting vast songscapes that perfectly capture what it feels like to find yourself split between two worlds; longing to escape towards the excitement of neighbouring cities whilst enjoying the solitude of being surrounded by nothing but windswept moors.

Equally epic and cathartic, and teaching us that the answer to life’s problems is never as clear-cut as you might expect, already Postcards From Jeff has been warmly received with blog support across the continent, plus radio airplay by FAB Radio International (Silent Radio radio show), BBC Scotland and Amazing Radio.  But ‘Awake’ marks the transition from one-man project into a fully-fledged band ahead of his full debut album release this summer.

Postcards From Jeff EP out now on Alien Boutique

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