British Sea Power– GORILLA, MANCHESTER –

“Is that a Polar Bear!!!”

There is a subtle beauty that British Sea Power have always commanded and a fan base that understands this beauty and what it means. The opening ‘quiet set’ affirms this beauty with a warmth of songs like Salty Water that make you feel all fluffy inside. Even when Hamilton sings a little off key at the start of Hail Holy Queen BSP laugh it away and restart without a hitch.

The ‘quiet set’ is interspersed by Manchester all girl act Pins. They seem a little nervous at first but soon hit their groove and provide a little rock and roll action before the main ‘rock set’ from British Sea Power.

The next hour or so is a mix of new and old with the opening Machineries of Joy taken from the new album of the same name. As with many British Sea Power songs they grow and develop into a crescendo of rhythms and glorious sounds with the comparisons to Arcade Fire / Polyphonic Spree always evident but still with their own stamp on things. The dynamics of the group and sound they crate are evidenced with the magical Something Wicked and then defined with the madcap Loving Animals. British Sea Power are 6 albums in and their sound has developed accordingly, their brand of glacial indie and kookiness allows for a dramatic development of swirling soundscapes which can mesmerize an audience like tonight.

The encapsulating Bear and the sublime Waving Flags create a wonderful atmosphere that feeds through the audience’ and as the songs grow the crowd become louder and more interactive until No Lucifer where the set becomes a massive singalong. Drummer, Woody has s mile that compliments the fairy lighted amps and microphones and the band now seem to be loving every minute of the night even the shouty ladies get thumbs up from Yan when one of them asks for a song they have already played!

The sound at Gorilla is excellent and every instrument sounds clear (which sometimes isn’t the case with the viola / cornet parts), this just adds to the wonderment of the evening.

They don’t bother with the customary leaving the stage for the encore as they are having too much fun. During the three song encore of Remember Me, Carrion and All Init a Polar Bear wanders around the audience which adds to the mystic and strangeness of the whole night.

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