…. Greetings Humans,

We have been observing Planet Earth for some time now and we recognise that human beings are a species with great potential.

Yet, you squander your resources on making weapons of war… all the while, the threats to your survival are multiplying. Planet Earth is beautiful and generous… but it is also finite. You MUST cherish your planet, but you MUST ALSO look for a new home on other planets… to fail to do this would make the mass extinction of the human race an absolute certainty!

And so we have created this video transmission:

… in order to urge the human species to put aside war and to unite in your efforts to save your species from extinction.

We are also using this transmission to honour the wise human, Professor Stephen Hawking, who spoke often about mankind’s need to colonise space in order to ensure its survival.

And so we invite you to join us in peaceful protest… and to support the broadcasting of this message to the human race in any way that you are able.

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