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Young Legionnaire


Back in 2010, Young Legionnaire were quite a promising prospect. They had big support slots booked, a huge sounding debut album in the bag and an ever-growing following that were transfixed by their heartfelt brand of alt rock. Sadly, things didn’t really take off the way in which many initially thought and the band hadn’t really gotten much further than a semi cult status. But this didn’t seem to have fazed the band much when they returned after a four year gap last year with their second album Zero Worship. It was an album that saw them soar to new sonic heights with their most theatrical and epic work thus far.

Tonight, the aforementioned modest following have turned out to The Deaf Institute to catch the trio as part of a week long run of UK dates in support of the new record. After a rousing, loud and proud support set from Leeds riffed up tykes Narcs, the three members of Young Legionnaire burst onto stage in a pool of feedback and challenge the support for an even louder and prouder sonic assault.

The band rip through a large portion of tracks from Zero Worship and it’s interesting to hear songs like ‘Hail Hail’ and ‘Simone’ stripped of the majestic strings that you hear on the record for a more amped up, rawer sound. Guitarist Paul does his best to fill out the space with loads of delay and reverb heavy guitars which gives this space rock vibe which sounds really cool. In fact there are a few tracks that have a much punkier, snarling edge tonight than the more brooding, cosmic sounds you get on the record. Songs like ‘Year Zero’ and ‘Hospital Corners’ sound even more riled up live as a sea of heads nods with brute force.

Of course the more riff heavy, rock out moments on the record really kick off here, with ‘Disappear’ and ‘Heart Attack’ book ending the set in ferocious fashion. And to keep us on our toes we also get some pumped up renditions of earlier tracks ‘Colossus’ and ‘Killdozer’, which do exactly what they say on the tin! It’s easy to forget amongst their big, bold melodies that Young Legionnaire are a pretty fucking heavy rock band – I mean the riff in ‘Candidate’ nearly blows the ceiling off the room tonight!

These guys are a well-oiled machine. They work superbly well as a unit and their songwriting talent knows no bounds. It seems in recent years that Young Legionnaire exist almost purely for pleasure as they all meet up from three very different parts of the world to play together. Tonight they affirmed on stage why their friendship is so treasured.

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Benjamin Forrester

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