Peaks is the latest musical venture from Manchester based songwriter Ben Forrester. During some down time from being one half of fuzz rock duo ‘Bad Grammar’, Ben began working on new solo material which eventually informed the birth of the sound present on new track ‘Better Off As Bears’.
“I was quite conflicted on where to take this project. I had so many different ideas on what I wanted it to be but then I found a bunch of old demos I’d been working on years ago which had guitars covered in reverb and cheap sounding 808 drums. I liked the idea of marrying simplistic electro pop beats with the expansive, post-rock like guitar tones and with that idea, ‘Better Off As Bears’ came tumbling out.”
Starting off with a gentle, reverb laden guitar line, ‘Better Off As Bears’ slowly builds into a subtle crescendo of delayed guitars, sumptuous harmonies and danceable beats in the hope to warm up your cockles during the current wave of bitter winter weather.
The track is set to feature on an EP due for release in the spring whilst live shows are currently being put together for March.

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