‘If I Was Dinosaur, I’d Bite Yer Head Off’ is the debut EP from Peaks, the brain child of Manchester based musician Ben Forrester. Written and self-produced in the space of two days in Ben’s homes in both Manchester and Shropshire, the four track EP is due for release via Bandcamp on June 3rd. Following on from debut single Better Off A Bears’ that was released in February, the record takes a more stripped back, lo-fi approach to Peaks ever evolving sound to bring an honest and inmate set.

Here’s what Ben had to say about the making of the record and the ideas behind it’s first offering: “This EP kind of came out of nowhere. I woke up hungover one Saturday morning, picked up my guitar a bunch of ideas came flooding out for the first time in ages so I thought it would be best to document them as soon as possible. I wanted it to sound a bit bare and raw to represent the sort of the cuff environment the songs were conceived in and I think I managed to get that.

Listen to the first track off the EP ‘RabbitsRabbitsRabbits’….