The last time I saw Toy was when I reviewed them for Silent Radio back in 2012. A lot has happened since then, but I still remember their instrumental wonders filling all corners of the Soup Kitchen.

Tonight, they’re playing at Yes. I’ve yet to see a gig here and I’m excited to check out the aptly named ‘Pink Room’. They don’t call it that for nothing, the room is literally Pink, believe it or not.

They promptly take to the stage, with the sold out room cheering. Now I know this is a music review, but I must comment on the awesome haircuts of each member. I’ve not seen such cool haircuts in a band since Arcade Fire. They definitely have their own unique style.

Tom Dougall (lead) has a mellow tone, which allows the music to take over. The guitars are the main event on a lot of the tracks, with them bursting into instrumentals for many of them.

Whilst this is going on there are flashing lights attached to the ceiling, working their way around the room. There are so many colours everywhere, and the pink has ironically now left. The lights are somewhat blinding at times, but it goes with the vibe and forces me to close my eyes and get lost in the music.

The lights drop to a deep purple and it matches the change in tracks. The set is intertwined with tracks from their new album Happy In The Hollow. I get the same feeling as I did years ago when I was last watching them. I feel that if I could transport back to the Joy Division days (which I’ve never physically experienced), then this is what it would be like. Their songs are reminiscent of this genre. What’s even more of a feel of it being in a time back then, is that no one has their phones out. People are just nodding to the music, in a trance, being sucked in by the whole atmosphere, which is really refreshing to see.

They finish with their classic ‘Left Myself Behind’, and the crowd changes. Everyone is swaying to the guitars and the song continues for its entirety, just as it should, over 7 minutes long. What a way to finish.

Toy have a string of dates ahead of them, including Germany, France, Italy and Spain. With the new album out, and the tours ahead of them, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Toy.

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Parisa Esalat

I'm a northern bird that appreciates all the lovely sounds this city has to offer. What I love about gigs, is that not only the music but the venue and atmosphere can create such a vibe that it takes you somewhere else.