GLOK, is a solo instrumental electronic artist working primarily with analogue equipment. Influenced by 1980s New York electronic scene heavy weights like Arthur Russell, Mr. Fingers, the DIY early Chicago house sound, ’70s German krautrock champions like Neu!, and Kraftwerk as well as Steve Reich’s minimalist work, and modern classical and ambient composer William Basinski; GLOK’s work revolves around postmodern themes of time and old technology.

With that in mind check out recently unveiled new single ‘Pulsing’. It’s a transportative soundscape, and as the title suggests, this nine minuter oscillates through the limitations of time and space. Stately kicks and claps punctuate spectral Robin Guthrie-ish guitar clouds, which combine to create a Boards of Canada-like electrifying dreaminess. “It’s music to hallucinate to”, as GLOK explains.

GLOK will release a new track each first Friday of the month, so keep checking back on their SoundCloud page here.

GLOK Twitter | SoundCloud