Hospitality return with the follow-up to their glowing 2012 debut with a darker, richer collection of eclectic avant pop in Trouble. Taking unexpected yet satisfying turns, the new album sees the band offer up a moodier palette, with more instances of space and silence, looser arrangements and more open production.

The album draws on the expansive sound of 70s progressive rock and the minimalist urgency of post punk, citing specifically King Crimson’s “In The Wake of Poseidon”, Arthur Russell and Wire as influences.

Comprising Amber Papini (vocals, guitar, keys), Brian Betancourt (bass, keys, backing vocals) and Nathan Michel (drums, guitar, keys, backing vocals and everything else), Hospitality started playing together in 2007. They performed in small clubs around Brooklyn as a minimal trio with acoustic guitar, bass (played out of a guitar amp) and a ramshackle drum kit. They have been growing and changing ever since.

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