LIVE: LADYHAWKE / ISLE – 11/02/2017

Ladyhawke -ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – I’ve possibly not listened to Ladyhawke in about 5 years or more, not because I stopped liking her music or because she had stopped releasing music, it was just that it hadn’t appeared on my radar and I’d kind of forgotten about her. But Ladyhawke, or ‘Pip’ Brown, has in fact recently released her third album, Wild Things, and back in June 2016 the album was gonged with a BBC 6 Music “album of... Read More

LIVE: TIM HECKER – 16/05/2016

Tim Hecker  – ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – The last time I saw Tim Hecker was just after he’d released the incredible Ravedeath, 1972, when he played in the beautiful surroundings of St. Phillips Church in Salford as part of the Future Everything festival. What set this apart from any other gig I saw that year was that it was conducted in pitch darkness, Hecker was no where to be seen, and all you could do was close your eyes in a room full... Read More


Eliza And The Bear  – ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – I’ve never been to the Manchester Academy 3 before, so I’m thrilled to see how small and intimate the room is. Sashaying to the front, hiding to the right of the stage to get a brilliant view of the crowd and the bands performing. Though the room is still relatively empty when the first support act, Secret Company, bounce onto the stage, they don’t hold back at all. They’re working... Read More


False Advertising – ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – False Advertising are my favourite band in Manchester at the moment. This three piece took their time crafting their fuzzed up brand of grunge pop and got us all excited when they dropped their stunner of a debut single ‘Wasted Away’ back in March. Since then the band have only gone and made a bloody album! The self-titled effort was self-released at the start of the month and has... Read More

LIVE: JACK GARRATT – 19/05/2015

Jack Garratt – ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – Anticipation is heated for young Jack Garratt tonight, as is the Academy 3 unsurprisingly, it’s always heated in here. The room is packed full of a surprising variety of young and old, all here to bare witness to Island Records’ latest protégé. His debut EP Remnant released in 2014, emerged through the buzz of online bloggers and his popularity has since grown: Garratt featured on Zane Lowe’s... Read More

LIVE: WIRE – 29/04/2015

Wire – ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – Wire is a one-way journey, as singer and guitarist Colin Newman says. A deep, disturbing, not necessarily pleasant but always unique and meaningful one. As soon as the band enters the stage at Manchester Academy 3, the atmosphere gets thicker and they take the audience deep into a frenetic hypnosis. The first opening song is ‘Blogging’ –gorgeous lyrics, by the way: “Blogging like Jesus/Tweet like... Read More

LIVE: THE SUBWAYS – 24/03/2015

The Subways – ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – The house lights come down and 3 revolving police lights come on, two blue and one red. The room fills with dramatic introduction music and voices greet us in many different languages. It’s not long before The Subways walk out into the flashing light. They receive an enthusiastic welcome and get straight on with ‘We Don’t Need Money To Have A Good Time’. The excitement has been... Read More

LIVE: JAWS – 06/03/2015

JAWS– ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – I don’t know if they’ve put something in the water down there, but there seems to have recently been a big influx of exciting new indie bands coming out of Birmingham and smashing it. From big tours to big record deals, big riffs to big hooks, it’s all been going on. Young quartet Jaws are one of these bands that the kids can’t get enough of at the moment, particularly with tonight’s... Read More

LIVE: TURIN BRAKES – 08/11/2014

T.E. Yates – ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – When my gig buddy and I arrive at the Academy, we are welcomed by a metal storm produced by the SikTh + Idiom gig happening in Academy 2. Like Dante in his Divine Comedy, we ascend to the upper floor, hoping for the heavenly experience normally guaranteed by a Turin Brakes live set. I am struck by the merch desk of T.E. Yates – the second support band for tonight – studded with timely Poppy Appeal-related... Read More

LIVE: THE HOLD STEADY – 07/05/2014

The Hold Steady – ACADEMY 3, MANCHESTER – The Hold Steady, a five-piece band based in Brooklyn, has brought its rock and roll show to Academy 3 tonight. When tickets first went on sale, I decided to head down to the student union the next working day to pick some up. Mistake. The gig was sold out by then. Having seen the band before in considerably larger venues like Academy 2 and Koko in London, I really should have foreseen that tonight’s... Read More

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