Eliza And The Bear

Eliza And The Bear


I’ve never been to the Manchester Academy 3 before, so I’m thrilled to see how small and intimate the room is. Sashaying to the front, hiding to the right of the stage to get a brilliant view of the crowd and the bands performing.

Though the room is still relatively empty when the first support act, Secret Company, bounce onto the stage, they don’t hold back at all. They’re working the crowd beautifully and they know exactly how to do it. I’m relieved I listened to a tip off about how amazing this band is at performing. They most definitely have a new found super-fan in me.

Moving on with the second support act, Model Aeroplanes, the Scottish sensations. I have to admit that I do tend to have a soft spot for anyone with a Scottish accent, but these boys just blew my mind. They have a ridiculous amount of charm and charisma; it is literally rolling off them into the crowd. I’m absolutely in love with their debut EP Something Like Heaven, it’s so beautiful and I can’t quite believe that I’m stood a few meters away from such talent. They have such an amazing stage presence and an almost sixth sense for how to interact with a crowd.

The main event, Eliza and the Bear strut onto the stage and the room quite literally erupts into screams and shouts. Opening up with the killer ‘Light it Up’ sets the mood for the night. It’s cheery and full of passion and excitement, and truly reflects how the band has filled a hole in the market for indie pop music.

Flowing through their set like seasoned pros, Eliza and the Bear are well and truly on the way to rocking this room. I’m praying that they hit it up with a track from their recently released album; and then ‘Oxygen’ comes on and I’m quite honestly so moved by the music I can’t breathe properly. Since the album release it’s been my go-to repeat song and I’m utterly crushed when it ends. I’m loving how versatile they are, being able to go from rock to pop in a split second. But the boys don’t let me sulk for long, they’re back with ‘Talk’ which is another crowd favourite which goes down an absolute storm. I’m dancing and singing along like the major league fangirl I truly am, and I regret absolutely nothing. When you have such talent performing on stage right in front of you; you can’t help but lose yourself in the passion and excitement of the music.

Callie Noakes the keyboardist makes a shocking cameo with a newly discovered rave setting on his keyboard and the crowd, myself included are thoroughly enjoying themselves. I must admit that raving with Callie and the boys wasn’t initially on my bucket list, but it’s definitely something I’m proud of doing.

Hitting it up with ‘Cruel’ and requesting some beautifully atmospheric torch light os a show stealer. The high intensity and pure raw talent from frontman Kellegher was inspiring. Everyone was loving the vibes coming off the stage and I can’t believe that these boys have finally well and truly established themselves into the world of indie pop. Anthem like choruses and songs have thrust them into the limelight and I don’t see them moving for a very long time.

Closing out the night with ‘Friends’  (my personal favourite) and it’s a bittersweet moment. One half of me is so unequivocally proud of how far they’ve come in six months, and one half is already suffering from post-gig blues.

I’m in love with their sound and they’re a band I will continue to fully support and love them for the rest of my life. Boys, you’re one of a kind.

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