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False Advertising


False Advertising are my favourite band in Manchester at the moment. This three piece took their time crafting their fuzzed up brand of grunge pop and got us all excited when they dropped their stunner of a debut single ‘Wasted Away’ back in March. Since then the band have only gone and made a bloody album! The self-titled effort was self-released at the start of the month and has been getting rave reviews thanks to its sharp pop sensibilities that are brilliantly married with sludgy grunge-inspired riffage.

Tonight we’re at The Academy 3 for what is essentially the bands album launch as this is the first show the band have played since its release! The band are main support on a four band bill, but if I’m being honest I’m only really here to be fully submersed by False Advertising’s fuzzed up tones and cannot wait to hear this LP live!

It’s all quite a professional start as the lights are dimmed and the band walk onto the stage, and with a few amp crackles, the off-kilter riff of album opener ‘Breaker’ slices which sets up for powerful hi-hat driven drum beat complete with strong vocal work of guitarist Jen. I’ve never really liked the sound at this venue and sadly the soundman doesn’t quite nail it in order for this first track to be the big opener we want, but Josh’s bass sounds booming, Jen’s voice is fierce and Chris’s snare cuts through the air like a knife so we know once the sound’s sorted it’s gonna be a BIG set! And we’re right! The band quickly launch into ‘Only Way’ which has this really snotty riff that sounds extra snotty tonight and with Jen’s snarled vocals, it gives this track a new found attitude which kicks things properly into gear, the sound seems fixed and the guitar roaring out of the PA.

Mid-way through the set, Jen and Chris swap instruments. Chris takes the lead for three tracks, Jen bringing some intricate yet solid beats to the forefront of tracks like ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Cold Shoulder’ which go alongside nicely with Chris’s crunchy guitar tones. Although there is a difference between Chris and Jen’s songwriting, the set never feels incoherent because of this which is a testament to their musicianship. Their songs complement each other really well with Jen bringing out the big hooks like the chorus in ‘Wasted Away’, while Chris delivers some sweet riffage in ‘No Good’.

If I’m honest, I didn’t think this was the right crowd for the band tonight, and although a lot of people are there to see them, I think they’d benefit to playing in a room full of grunge heads with a punishing PA to appreciate their brilliance of these songs! But as it stands, I simply cannot fault this band, as they end of the fucking massive rock monster that is ‘Dozer’, all three members swish their luscious locks in unison and finish the set triumphantly! A tight unit with excellent songs who play with sincerity; get to know your new favourite band.

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Benjamin Forrester

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