Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert


As far as well respected Scottish artists go, you can’t get more loved than Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert, so the news of the two collaborating together for an album brought joy to the ears of many. And as it happens, the album did the same thing. Released through Rock Action Records back in May, Here Lies The Body is a brilliantly executed piece that marries Aidan’s sharp wit and storytelling and of course warm, regional accent with Hubby’s beautifully intricate acoustic guitar playing perfectly.

Tonight we see the twosome at the end of a fruitful year on the road with this being the last night of a small jaunt of the UK in support of their stunning new Christmas record, Ghost Stories For Christmas‘. Backed with a drummer and violinist, Aidan and Hubby treat us to an even amount from both of their records, and it’s pretty hard to move my head between the four players tonight quickly as they all bring something special to the set.

Aidan has such a calming and inviting voice both when he sings and in spoken word and I am instantly drawn to the mystic behind the story of ‘She Runs’ as Aidan tells us a tale of young lady running and racing through her life as he talks down a megaphone-style microphone.

The atmosphere that permeates through their records is brilliantly captured on stage with soaring violins, climactic drum work and of course Hubby’s dynamic guitar tinkering. They all weave around Aidan’s wistfully told stories, the most affecting being ‘The Fir Tree’, a story about a lonely Christmas tree, although Aidan does confess after the track that he thought it was actually quite funny as opposed to the sense of sadness I got from it. It’s great to hear the two chatting in between songs, sometimes about the songs, other times about nowt in particular. The pair manage to lead the crowd into guffaws of laughter, mainly thanks to Hubby’s off the cuff fictional musings of getting beaten up by Ed Sheeran’s dad or shagging the Queen.

But once the songs start, it’s down to business and I am truly lost in beautiful tracks such as ‘Cockcrow’ and ‘Party On’, both pulsating with vibrant rhythms and gorgeous harmony-soaked melodies. It’s a testament to their talents as entertainers that they can make you laugh yer heads off one minute, then gently soothe you and bring tears to your eyes at the next.

As I left slightly early to catch the bus home, I hear of a slight altercation during the encore involving an unwelcome heckler and a ticked off Aidan Moffat. It seems said heckler wasn’t a huge fan of the volume of in-between patter but was thankfully ejected out of the venue by Moffat and security much to the delight of tonight’s respectful and polite crowd.

But to me tonight was nothing but pleasant. You can tell that these two have been entertaining for a wee while now as they knew how to reel us in with genuinely hilarious chat and a beautifully played set of charming alt folk. I really hope that this dream team will party on.

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Benjamin Forrester

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