Opening act, Foxglove, showcase a variety of sounds in a short space of time. You can hear a mixture of influences and a collaboration of styles. Shimmering reverb guitars that have a post-rock feel to them, funk laden bass and smooth RnB vocals. They are everything from mellow vibes to punchy rock in every song and are a joy to watch.

Following the intermission between opening act and main event, it is a surprise when Patawawa spring up on stage as a three piece. Maybe the frontpeople were a little quicker than the others as they made their way through the quite tightly packed Eagle Inn crowd? Nope! For such a full sounding ensemble on record they have a minimal size. Which may very well be best for the Eagle Inn’s snug stage. Co-lead singer Sam Wilmot goes from zero to PJ and Duncan level dance moves in an instant while guitarist Rory Lovatt remains a bit more stoic. Stationary, but strumming out some peppy licks.

Beth Garett’s live vocal talents during the chorus of ‘That Guy’ are astounding, leading to the track being one of the standouts of the evening. With each successive track, the energy from the stage overflows into the crowd more and more, until everyone has the disco fever. ‘Dare to Disco’ has flavours of the Gossip with a stomping beat, strong vocals and interesting muted guitar riffs. Their brand of synth disco pop is certainly infectious and the playful dual vocals of Sam and Beth work fantastically, reminding me of mid 2000 indie parties with bands like Alphabeat.

Even Rory allows for some wry smiles during ‘Patagonia’ were his funky noodling really shines through. Infectious riffs litter the track and a simple chorus gives almost a call and answer vibe from the crowd. It is a perfect track to begin bringing the set to a close before the inevitable “one more song” chants.

Although allowing for more room for energetic dancing on stage, the lack of a full band was ultimately disappointing. Sam did say that a synth player was a possibility but was unable to attend tonight, however, when I think disco, I think of funky bass licks, and I want to see them played! The backing track does sound fantastic through the Eagle Inn’s sound system, allowing for an excellent party atmosphere, but it does make the show seem very pop idol or karaoke.

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