For any British band, the first live BBC session is a rite of passage, an entrance to a club stewarded by Peel, Lamacq, Harris and any number of legendary names from the annals of broadcasting history. Then, some years later, you realise that you’ve recorded an album’s worth of material. That’s what the peerless experimental pop band Tunng found, on looking back at a series of radio sessions ranging from their early days in 2005 to the latter days of 2010. This album takes in intimate acoustic performances for Rob Da Bank to their collaboration with Malian desert blues heroes Tinariwen, Tamatant Tilay. Radio 2 legend Bob Harris may or may not be on one track, too. “I seem to remember him ‘playing’ a telephone directory along to one of our songs,” says Phil from the band. “The Tinariwen session was amazing, because we didn’t have a clue what we were going to play. It was so great just hearing it slowly come together.”

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