Horsebeach (Ryan Kennedy)

Horsebeach (Ryan Kennedy)


I’m all about that DIY aesthetic. I really care about the bands that work hard and go about things with little outside help. Horsebeach and False Advertising that I musically admire for different reasons but with a similar attitude have become two of Manchester’s finest exports and therefore I am delighted to see them co-headline at Soup Kitchen this evening!

The supporting bill tonight is very strong. Opening up we have one of my favourite discoveries of the year ‘Thing‘. These local dudes make psychedelic rock jams that both lock into the groove and melt your mind with some stoner-rock tendencies. Since I’ve last seen them, they’ve added keys into the fold which adds a really nice dynamic to their already strong sound. These cats have mastered their craft, the songs are full of excitement and build to some real euphoric highs! Thing are gonna be your new favourite band next year, I promise yer.

Leeds quartet ‘Narcs‘ step up to the stage next and deliver an energetic and intense set of alt rock bangers with angular riffs, razor sharp vocals and a hypnotic rhythm section. These guys have the perfect catchy hook/ noisy wig out ratio which I really dig. Even with their guitarist in a leg cast, sat down, they still manage to deliver a really exciting live show that really pumps up the crowd, there’s one dude going nuts at the front and the rest of the crowd quickly follow suit. A very impressive set, big tunes and a fearless live show, Narcs are another to add to the ‘sweet discoveries’ list this year.

Horsebeach sort of act as the odd ones out on this bill in a musical sense, so far we’ve face melting pysch followed by earth shaking rock, but I’m all about diversity and I’m ready to embrace the dreamy pop tones that this band do so well. I’m a big fan of the bands current LP ‘II’ which brightened up the cold mornings to work upon its release last winter, so it’s a pleasure to hear tracks like ‘Midnight Part 2’ and ‘It’s Alright’ which are beautifully crafted pop songs with dreamy guitar lines and smooth yet sincere vocals. We also get to hear a new song too which is a really slick love song with a grooving bass line which sounds like the band are gonna be delving deeper into 80’s power pop with their next record. There’s a nice mix of fans in the crowd so Horsebeach don’t look out of place at all as me and a bunch of their fans stand in the middle and sway with smiles upon our faces. Forever lovely.

False Advertising

False Advertising

Then we get to False Advertising. It’s so awesome to see these three headlining Soup Kitchen, they have put so much hard work in over the past few years and tonight they really do not disappoint. The set opens in a gigantic fashion with the up-tempo punk snarl of ‘Alopecia’ followed by the grunge pop brilliance of ‘Scars’ and ‘Wasted Away’. These guys have a fucking truck load of hits and they do not stop coming tonight, from the slacker pop grooves of ‘I Don’t Know’ and ‘Piece Of My Mind’ to the sprightly alt rock pomp of ‘Dozer’, False Adverting cover all bases here in a really well thought out set. It’s fantastic to see the band’s confidence grow over the past 24 months and their stage presence is borderline ferocious tonight. Multi instrumentalists Jen and Chris throw themselves between guitar and drums and play each instrument with sheer venom while bassist Josh locks it all down with a strong bass tone as he bops up and down in unison with the other two. This is the best set I’ve seen this band play; they look so comfortable up there and have truly mastered their live show.

Tonight is another heroic win for Northern DIY rock music. Long may its rein continue.

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